Domeier Architects Inc. is a full-service firm specializing in forensic consulting and architectural design.

What happens when you marry great design-sense with technical excellence? You get your dream project. A top-tier trouble shooter for over a decade, DAI knows how to manage builder risk in real estate development. In marrying great design with risk-conscious detailing, DAI will take your project from scratch pad to keys-in-your-hand.

Our goal: to deliver the project you’ve been dreaming about.


Progressive Shelter for the Urban Environment

Have you ever noticed a certain lightness of being when in a certain place? This phenomenon is no accident. With deliberation and effort, good design can create a space that stimulates your unconscious senses and activates your spirit. Why settle for anything less?

Choose your course. DAI will take you there.

Design Services


Working with you, we prepare a detailed analysis of building requirements. This includes space needs, space adjacencies, concept development, construction budget and more.

Schematic Design

The rough sketch. We collaborate with you to develop the general scope of the project, as well as, create study drawings to illustrate the concept, form, and spatial relationships of the design.

Design Development

Ironing out the specifics. Taking the initial design documents and sketches, we refine the design a step further. We begin to consider architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing details to take the design from a simple sketch to a workable, habitable building.

Bidding & Negotiation

Breaking Ground. DAI will prepare bid documents and manage the bidding process to ensure that you secure the most competitive construction contract. DAI can also work with your attorney in developing the right construction contracts.

Construction Administration

Ironing out the wrinkles. Our core responsibility during constructing is to assist the contractor in building the project as specified in the construction documents. We are there to provide any additional clarification and support to finish the project properly, on time, and within budget.

Contract Documents

Getting specific. We concretize and design and produce a set of working documents for bid and construction.

Our Work


Risk Management Starts Here.

Project Evaluations

When the integrity of a project is in question, sharp evaluation is required. DAI separates wheat from chaff and measures the difference. When required, we can make investigative recommendations based on visual observations. Through destructive, testing the method of failure and cause of damage is identified. Project evaluation is not limited to the field. DAI drills into original project documents to identify if, when, and by what means defective assemblies were built.

Repair Recommendations

In the environment of SB-800 “Right to Repair”, builders and developers require real-world fixes. In coordination with it’s strategic partners, DAI is implementing repairs and taking the punch out of litigation. Through detailed repair drawings and specifications, DAI works in partnership with repair contractors and owner representatives to deliver real-world fixes. For non-repair projects DAI will develop schematic repair recommendations and construction estimates.

Liability Analysis

Recovery for damages can involve many parties. Through scope of work analysis, DAI can identify culpable parties and assist in financial recovery efforts.

Mediation & Expert Testimony

Negotiation begins in mediation. If it doesn’t end there then it ends in court. DAI will bring to bear all of their technical skills and professional qualifications to represent the best possible outcome on a given project.

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